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miles per hour. still a westerly track at 21 miles per hour. that's good news as you don't want them to slow down right off the coast as you need to move in through the next 24 hours or so. it will continue to weaken by this afternoon with a 65 miles per hour winds estimated. and then tomorrow morning, 40 miles per hour. and still it is going to bring a storm surge as well as significance and flooding rains, but at least it is weakening. let's come back home. waking up with more fog yesterday and temperatures, they are cool, but it is not as cold in most cases to take a look at those numbers in just a moment. for the afternoon, slightly cooler. a few degrees and mostly sunny skies as they do remain dry through your veteran's day on monday. and 44 in napa. upper to lower 40s. this is a cool start for santa rosa. now, we sunk to about 37 or was it 35 degrees. very cold outside your door, just a few degrees and half moon bay, yesterday they woke up mostly clear and it was a chilly start. mostly cloudy at 54 degrees for your afternoon and 69 for vallejo and san rafael and oakland and the
dead in the philippines. some hospitals are turning patients away saying they don't have enough hospital space or medical supplies. >>> 7:09. bay area people are also helping with typhoon relief efforts in the philippines. organizers from project pearl, they launched this drive at rc motors in san bruno. they are asked for canned food, baby food and personal care products like shampoo and took paste. in san francisco, the west way filipino center collected supplies. they are hoping to send them off as soon as mob. >> it could make a difference between life and death at this point. they have no food, water. >> organizers behind the donation efforts say at this time they are not accepting clothing. they say food, water and first aid supplies, they are the top priorities. >>> palo alto's sister city in the philippines was hit hard by the typhoon haiyan. the organization neighbors aprod will be meeting wednesday on how to help people in palo. at least 31 people were dilled. the typhoon hit friday. people described devastation, roofs ripped off, high winds and flooding. to get more i
minutes ago, he says they still don't know what started the shooting and don't have a suspect description or a definitive suspect description. the sergeant tells me four people were inside the car. they were approaching 3rd and bryant toward the bay bridge apparently leaving the city when something prompted that shooting. now, again, still unclear what started it but police say their shot spotter system tracked six shots. police say they've been up able to recover five bullet casings but immediately after the shooting, the driver of the car was frantically trying to flag down help. ended near 3rd and brannan, where it crashed into something which explains the front-end damage. still unclear what the driver crashed into this morning. one victim this morning. it's a male. he was taken to san francisco general hospital with life- threatening injuries. the other aspect, the traffic, streets are blocked off in regard to this investigation. again, through portions of 3rd and bryant are blocked off. we're on 3rd and brannan. that goes all the way out to 4th street. that's blocked off as well. wh
. it's way down there. right on the deck. if you don't have the fog, it's cooler on the overnight lows. 38, napa. a lot of 40s showing up instead of the 50s. the fog is reducing visibility to an eighth of a mile or a quarter of a mile for some. san francisco, nicole in the marina says very foggy in the bay. watch out for that. oakland, bay bridge, kind of dances around a little bit. we'll go for 62 in san francisco today. even oakland will cool down. fog for some, not for all. it will be hazy and warm if you are inland today. it looks like the weekend looks pretty good here except we'll have a garage actual cooling trend. a pretty big spread between the coastal temperatures which are just amazingly warm again for this time of year. a few mid- to upper 70s. 50s, 60s closer to the water. here's sal. >>> we're looking at traffic that's busier. some commutes already seem to be friday light which is good. but the fog is a big problem here at the bay bridge toll plaza. thick fog. you can't even see where the backup begins. we happen to know because of the road sensors. it's about a 15-minute
women to the hospital. the second woman according to police is in critical condition. they don't know what the motive was. a witness said he heard a lot of shouting and yelling before the gunfire >> i heard what it was about. the next thing i heard, it was a bunch of gunfire. >> reporter: investigators at the scene interviewed several people at the nightclub before the shooting happened. it is right around the corner from the alley way. it is closed the bar and nightclub we don't know if the two were at the nightclub before it happened or if it was related to some sort of incident. police don't have a description of the shooter and have not made an arrest. live in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> the pediatric unit in heyward is shutting down. the unit has 20 beds, administrators say it averages fewer than 20 patients per day. they offer special care at the facility when it opens next year. some long-time nurses say they will make it harder. >>> they are blasting bart's decision to rework the agreement. an error in the contract would grant leave to employees, it could cost the
on. i don't know how they thought this would be a joke, knowing that they put up a confederate flag, pe thut a bike rack around him. there's no joke about that. very disappointing. >> reporter: the prosecutor says the defendants kept a picture of adolph hitler and a pentogram in the gram. the university has learned about this. they are holding a conference at 12:00. the defendants are colin warren, joseph bumgardner and logan beshler all of them are 18. if convicted, they face one year in county jail. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:05. new this morning -- in santa clara, a lot of police activity. we're getting reports. two people were arrested during a home burglary in the 2200 block of crocker way. reportedly, both suspects had guns. one of them reportedly was bitten by a police dog. >>> the santa rosa city council taking rare action. it's in response to the controversy surrounding the fatal shooting of 13-year-old andy lopez. the council is releasing controversial e-mails about how to respond to the shooting of a teenager carrying a toy
don't have school today here in hayward. so a lot of folks out last night when this happened. the shooting happened just before or just after 11 rather. according to police, they got multiple calls, came out here and found a woman critically injured. she had been shot multiple times. they took her to the hospital where at last word she was undergoing surgery. residents we talked to out here, we haven't found anyone who heard the shots. they say violence is common out here and getting more common. we talked to one man, he's lived here for 13 years. he's had enough. he wants to move. >> we're looking for a house. we have four kids here. we have a 13-year-old girl, a 10-year-old boy. 8-year-old boy: and 4-year-old boy. >> reporter: so when you hear about something like this. >> yeah, they can't be around here. it's too much. they need nice and quiet, nice neighbors. it's frustrating when you really like someplace and it just spirals out of control. >> reporter: now, police spent the night and into the morning working this case out on scene. they have cleared the scene but they s
of these truck drivers have to show up or they will lose their jobs. they don't want that to happen. this situation, again, continues to develop. the protesters right now, right behind us, they look like they are in a holding pattern on the island. but again, we've been kind of moving from entrance to entrance with them. we'll keep an eye where this all goes next. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> and another protest is set to begin at the oakland airport in just a few minutes. food and retail workers will be picketing outside the airport on this very busy travel day. the workers are protesting their current pay and benefits. they staged a similar protest in august. it's not clear how the picketing will affect airport restaurants and stores. >>> 7:06. new this morning, several people jumped off balconies earlier this morning in alameda to get away from a fast-moving apartment fire. it happened at an apartment building on brigs avenue at around 3:00 this morning. ktvu's tara moriarty is there now. and you have information about the man who say he started the fire.
the shooting and how it helped the investigation. bob? actually, we don't have bob right there at the airport. but we hope to check back in with him shortly for more on the shooting at l.a.x. on friday. >>> back here at home, we're gonna check in with sal. see, you've got several things happening right now, some big stories, sal. >> reporter: that's right. in san ramon, we're gonna go back there because we're looking at the corner of south wedgewood and stone leaf. newschopper2 has been over it. there it is. the chopper is looking at this corner where the chp says a crash involving a pedestrian occurred about 45 minutes to an hour ago. san ramon police are there, they've taken over the investigation. we have reports that the person involved in the crash, the pedestrian was seriously injured. we have a word out to police, it looks like they are putting out cones and they might make a hard closure here at the corner. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. it's a 15 to 20-minute delay. don't have anything major going on on the bridge itself coming into the city. i want to look at the commute
if they don't get more compensation, a lot of them are going to be forced out of business because they can't afford the extra cost. but supporters of laws say these drivers were given plenty of advanced warning. >>> meantime, black friday shoppers, already up, they're out there shopping for those big door buster deals. the giant screen tvs, things like that, a lot of stores and retailers opened last night on thanksgiving. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live at the great mall in milpitas, somehow it going out there. >> reporter: it's going good. you're going to see a lot of signs like this, additional 50% off. lots of signs like that in the store windows, now right now there's a little bit of a lull right now. it's not as crazy as it was when the doors opened at 8 last night. we are told there's about 1500 people waiting in line at each of the entrances to get in. now it's died down. it may be a good time if you're thinking about coming and you're sort of on the fence about coming here. there's a lot of sales happening here. people of course want to take advantage of that. economists are
'll tell you what caused the power outage and why some patrons said they were cost money. >>> i don't want any parent to feel how i felt that day when i got that phone call. >> a mother's phone call after learning what her daughter went through on a school campus. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where candles will be lit later today for the victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. we'll tell you about the vigil planned and the relief effort. >>> another round of grilling over the troubled website. who is on the hot seat and the big named democrats asking the president to keep a promise. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." these are live pictures from outside casino graton in rohnert park. it's business as usual but last night it was a much different story as the power went out making for some confusing moments for many gamblers. the role a fiery car crash played coming up in a live report. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's check the weather and traffic. >>> steve? >> we have clear skies exce
and it's going to be cool as well. temperatures, only patchy fog in the morning. i don't think it will last very long. a lot of 60s. mainly mid-60s or upper 60s. i don't think they'll feel warm. >>> good morning, traffic is going to be a little bit slow in some areas. watch for slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that traffic is backed up now all the way out to the mcarthur maze. metering lights are on about a 20 minute delay before you get on the span. westbound 92, a live picture of that. you can see traffic slow getting to the bridge. once you're on the span, it's good. you look at the east bay 88 o 0 southbound to 8th street down to -- 880, southbound to 8th 8th street. it's a little better than normal. at 7:02 let's go back to the desk: we begin with breaking news from the south bay. an american air lains jet has made an emergency landing at san jose's international airport. it happened just a few minutes ago on a jet that was headed to dallas. the jet was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing. joining us now on the phone is airport spokes
of overrunning rain. we don't have the lift to give us a good rainfall. it can stack up if it continues and that that would be the face to the north. a lot of 50s to the north. this will drag allows us throughout the day. cloudy, mild, off-and-on rain, mainly to the north. occasionally bands dipping south. i think by this afternoon, this evening, a better opportunity to go south. it looks light to me. 50s or low 60s. here's sal. >>> we've had a problem in san jose that's unusual. these are the worst kind of traffic jams, once you don't expect -- ones you don't expect. northbound 680 coming out of san jose trying to get to milpitas. it's a wide-open freeway, normally. there's a two-mile delay of a crash that didn't take the montague expressway offramp without crashing into the wall. didn't make it there. the truck is disabled. gonna be there for a little bit. the traffic is backed up approaching montague expressway on northbound 680. the alternate route, 880 northbound and use mission to cut across back to 680. you can see chp and caltrans have made a hard closure here. that means they
tomorrow and tell rosemary we want better weather. >> oh, she is right. and we don't like that she is right. it is cold. >> i don't like the wind either but i don't like when i am p wrong. >> we actually had the wind kick up in the north bay hills and some of the east bay. and it didn't materialize in some areas. and because of it, the wind advisory has been shifted to some areas. and eliminated from others. i will show you that in just a moment. >> first, giving you look at mostly clear skies and towards san francisco. isn't that a beautiful shot. when you joined us yesterday morning, the low clouds had returned to the coast and inside the bay. because of the wind, we are not seeing any low clouds this morning. >> temperatures also up in some areas. point be you directly to where. >> novato, a breeze blowing through the area. and up by four to 8 degrees. and this is 10 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. >> you have to consider the wind chill factor and it is going to feel cool out this. and the numbers are up. >> napa, just a degree or two warmer than yesterday. and it is falling
don't know -- it's dark. i don't know if they thought i was the shooter. >> the gunman fired several shots before taking his own life. no one else is hurt. investigators are still trying to determine the motive. >>> the u.s. senate expected to approve legislation today that would outlaw employment discrimination against gay, bisexual and transgender americans. there was a test vote on monday. seven republican senators joined democrats to move legislation forward. there will be another procedural vote this morning and then a final vote could come this afternoon. however, that bill may go nowhere in the republican- controlled house. that's where speaker john boehner opposes it. >>> some say the plans for a new golden state warriors arena on the waterfront are in jeopardy after voters rejected plans for a new luxury condo complex up the road. plans to build the eight washington condo development on san francisco's waterfront were defeated on tuesday. the warriors want to build their arena on piers 30 and 32. some community activists are concerned because they heard the warriors want to
area filipinos say many of the buildings don't have the infrastructure to withstand disaster, especially after the earthquake last month. there are rescue efforts under way to help the victims. >> they're resilient, you'll see the community come together not only in the philippines but from abroad. >> there are about 640,000 filipinos living in the bay area. local groups say the best way to help right now is to send money, not food water and clothing, it takes too long to get to the affected areas. look for the national and world section in our website under news. >>> new this morning, an oakland police officer has been involved in a hit-and-run accident. a car ran a red light and got. it boned by the officer's vehicle. we have this live from oakland ali? >> reporter: this happened at 4:30 this morning. according to police at the scene, a red honda ran the red light at that intersection. it crashed into an oncoming police control car. there was debris scattered and the front end of the patrol car was barbed in. thee people who were in that red honda, jumped out and fled the s
thick fog from santa rosa to oakland to san jose. some areas don't have any, but others it is like a wall of fog. we get a lot of areas with dense fog. fog near the coast. hazy skies today. a little cooler. 40s and 50s on these temps now. some of the inland areas unseasonal warm yesterday will continue to warm up. most location will be in the upper 60s to lower 70s today. you can see the bands of higher clouds. a beautiful sunrise. mostly sunny here, partly cloudy to the north. morning fog and the frost advisory until 9:00. 60s to low 70s, and low 60s closer to the water. >>> westbound 08 traffic will be busy. let's start a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed one a 20 minute delay. the 880 ramp will give you a better approach if you are driving town the bay bridge and deciding which way to go, 880 is the best way. south bay, northbound 280 as you come up on winchester, there is a crash right here. traffic has been very slow throughout 280 all the way through downtown san jose. southbound 101 at the matilda avenue offramp, there is also an injury crash there with a coupl
power because of damage to an underground cable. right now, about 1500 people still don't have electricity but pg&e says they expect to have the power fully restored by 9:30 this morning. >>> a real estate developer is at the center of a sex scandal tied to one of san francisco's oldest churches. the landmark, st. francis in north beach, has fired william mclaughlin. he's a marin county real estate developer and animal activist who served as chairman of the church's volunteer program. his firing reportedly stemmed from allegations of improper behavior, including -- involving mclaughlin and a former church employee including lewd photos and sex in the sanctuary. he's also accused of misusing church funds. >> all right. >>> 7:09. for the third year in a row, california was named the worst- run state in america. the website 24/7wall street used financial information to rank all 50 states and it says california took a big hit with the housing crisis. california also ranked dead last for having the 20th highest debt per capty ta. the third biggest budget and the second highest enemp
they were also investigating a stabbing that happened in the downtown area. we don't know his condition at this point. but in all of these crimes nobody has been arrested yet. reporting live from san jose, janine leila vega. >> . >>> two people rushed to a hospital overnight after a high-speed chase in santa rosa ended with a crash. it happened on mar marleau road ride there. during the chase the driver lost control and crashed into a pole and a finance. >> the vehicle caught fire. officers were able to rescue the occupants of the vehicle and both occupants of the vehicle were transported to the hospital with major injuries. >> police say no one else was hurt. they are investigating whether alcohol may have been a factor. >>> a lot of chp officers are looking for drivers under the influence, speeders, distracted drivers and seatbelt violaters. >>> it's a headache for oakland firefighters. cars parked on narrow roads in the oakland hills and they are blocking fire trucks and emergency vehicles. when fire trucks are are blocked by cars firemen often have to get up and run to the fire scen
. >> small businesses don't have the great advertising budget that the big chains and department stores and big box stores have. small business saturday focuses people on shopping locate cal. it lets us pull together as family owned businesses and promote ourselves. >> reporter: now there are 3.4 million small businesses in california and according to the governor's office they employ more than half the state's work force. when people shop at locally owned stores, revenue and jobs stay in the community. according to american express last year people spent $5.5 billion on small business saturday last year. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2news. >> now many skipped the line longs shopped online. black friday online sales are up 9% from last year. that is on top of the nearly 20% increase in online sales on thanksgiving day compared to last year. more than a dozen major retailers stayed open for 24 hours or more on thanksgiving through black friday. >> i love this time of year. i love to be able to get some gifts and do for the family and have the surprise. >> black friday store sale numb
may have caused this fire. they don't have a cause of the fire. it may have started on the ground floor or in the basement, but the fire marshal said he has no reason to believe this fire was suspicious in any way, but they're working to figure out the cause. ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> new this morning one man is dead following a vehicle crash on freemont. a man stalled on the freeway before 1:00 this morning. the van was then struck by a corvette. one of the people inside the corvette walked out to direct traffic, but that's when a third vehicle, a white core role la came by hitting and killing him. the stretch of road was closed for two hours overnight. >>> another deadly crash near devil's slide in san mateo county the. it happened hat 1:30 this morning and the crash happened near the tunnel. they hoped to open the roadway this morning and the patrol said highway 1 will be closed for some time. >>> the western storms were in the west coast and winds are being blamed for damage. one man was electrocuted. another man died while trying to avoid debris. a 52-year-old woman died when
spilled on the road. we don't know how they got there. chp doesn't know how they got there. the firefighters are being very careful with the needles. they were used and obviously they don't want anybody to get sick or poked. we don't know when they will be opening up. but alex savidge is on the scene and will have live report coming up. back to the desk. >>> oakland police are searching for whoever set a young man on fire while riding an a.c. transit bus. it happened at 5:00 on the 57 line near macarthur boulevard andardly avenue -- and ardly avenue. police sources tell us the victim is 18 years old and he suffered burns to both of his legs. right now, no word on a possible suspect or motive. but police say there's surveillance video from the bus. >>> we're getting new details about the man shot last month by san francisco police in the marina district. prosecutors say police wounded 19-year-old rome l nabarez after he tried to rob a man answering his ad on kraigs list. and he was facing previous charges in daly city for ads on craigslist. yesterday, he pleaded not guilty t
don't have a super-huge backup. it's backed up for a little bit. the 880 ramps are the best way to get there, especially if you have fastrack, you will be able to bypass a lot of that traffic. 580, that's a different story. 580 in livermore has been slow the entire way from the altamont pass all the way through. we had a crash on 680. that has traffic backed up into san ramon, heading south towards pleasanton. it gets better if you are on the road after pleasanton. but the traffic is not that bad on 680 and fremont. 101 southbound near belmont we've had a series of collisions. 7:03. back to the desk. >>> all right. thank you, sal. >>> police in santa rosa are asking for the public's help as they investigate a suspected gang-related stabbing. investigators say an 18-year- old boy was punched, kicked and stabbed outside a middle school on gardener avenue last night. alex savidge is live to tell us what we've learned about the young victim and his attackers. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we understand this teen remains in the hospital this morning with several stab
try to keep you on your toes. >> i don't want to be on youtube, just have a nice saturday morning, and i am. >> mark is ensuring it is a nice saturday morning. >> i saw -- i saw the moon coming out of the west and northern sky. >> just beautiful out there. we have the meteor shower and that full moon is getting in the way of the viewing but a beautiful sight. veil of high clouds, right now we have mostly clear skies or partly cloudy. patchy fog around the bay. here is the san francisco camera be log out toward the bay bridge and off to a cold start. you want to bundle up on the maps on live storm tracker 2 there is a weak system up to the north around eureka, we just have some patchy fog developing and with a relatively clear skies overnight temperatures have been allowed to drop off rapidly. here is a look at some of the current numbers for the 7:00 number. look at santa rosa and napa. 35 degrees, during the 5:00 hour, napa saw 33 so warmed up just a little bit. san francisco 48 and san jose 45, walnut creek reporting partly cloudy skies and a current temperature of 41. we wil
with new domestic spending. >> if we don't pick the right priorities now, make the right choices now we could hurt growth and opportunity for decades and leave our children with something less. >> the president said that he is happy to hear that republican leaders won't seek another government shut down or threaten default but he is warning the gop against pursuing budget cuts. the president said he supports closing wasteful tax loopholes and wants to protect education and road projects. >>> some visitor facilities remain closed after last month's shut down. this includes many of the rest rooms and camp dprownds found at the parks, litter removal and other maintenance has also been cut back. a spokesman for the army corp. of engineers said the resolution that ended the shut town didn't release all of the funds they need. he said it won't be fixed until congress passes a new budget. >> the obama administration said the health care website should be working smoothly by the end of the month. experts said they were able to make progress despite computer crashes. on thursday a house commi
earlier. apparently, the usgs is saying the bay area did have a 2.2 quake this morning. we don't know where it was centered exactly. chances are possibly it could have been close to us so it was just a small one, which is good. >> yeah, right. >> you never know. sometimes you feel a jolt and it might not be big here but is far away. we'll stay on top of this. >>> it's round two in the league battle between two tech giants. the multi-million dollar battle set to unfold in a courtroom between apple and its main rivalry. >>> the questions about free trips to hawaii taken by some bay area state lawmakers. outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bun
started getting money from our patrons. i don't know the total amount, but it was in the thousands. we were thinking okay what should we do with the money? >> so the karen gordon scholarship was created. >> it's sad because you wish the scholarship wasn't there and you feel guilty. >> reporter: in the past 12 years, much has changed. the children she talk to are now in college. the woman convicted in her death was released last year. and her parents are getting ready for retirement. while the loss is still profound, this year they will come together again for the scholarships, to remember the smile and to honor the life she lived. her father said she would have loved knowing she could still give even though she's gone. >> young adults with the spirit, the care, the kindness. >> reporter: the hayward plunge will hold a swim on thanksgiving morning to recognize the scholarship recipients to raise money for next year's scholarships. >>> all right, thank you. >>> starting tomorrow, volunteers, they'll be handing out to thousands of families in need. they've been collecting turkeys all week
the shooting happened on the 1900 block of b street. at this point we don't have much more information. we don't know who was shot or their condition. brian flores is on the way to the scene and we'll have a live report coming up shortly. >>> 7:13. a contractor in philadelphia now facing murder charges for a building collapse that killed six people. now, these videos from last june show a crane operator using the heavy equipment that prosecutors say caused the collapse. the d.a. says the demolition should have been done by hand, not by a machine. he says the contractor knew that but wanted to avoid the higher cost. >> it was campbell who decided on the method of demolition. he personally controlled it in the matter that caused the catastrophe. >> my client did nothing criminally wrong. we'll vigorously defend the serious allegations in a court of law. >> now, the district attorney says the contractor was also warned by an architect at the -- that the main call needed to be supported before the demolition started. the d.a. says the contractor lied to the architect and told him the wall had been
with moderate injuries. he's in his 30s. he's from concord. we don't know what happened. he went to the hospital before we were able to talk to them. the roads are still wet this morning. it takes just a moment, the chm will tell you, for accidents to happen. so certainly they are asking everyone to give yourself a little extra time. certainly when it's slow like this, it's easy to get in a quick fender-bender. live here at the bay bridge toll plaza, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 7:04. the wet weather, could mean an end to the fire season. san jose mercury news reports calfire plans to reduce staff at fire stations across northern california starting next week. fire stations will generally reduce staffing from two engines with three firefighters each down to one engine and steve paulson will be tracking the wet weather all morning as you get ready for your day. you can get the latest weather information on our website at just click on the weather tab. >>> 7:05. new details from vallejo billion last night's horrifying crash. a pedestrian was hit by two cars and t
this resolved. we don't want to have a series of promises that we can't meet. that's why we're saying no service until we can meet it. i don't have a prognosis when that can be. >> reporter: 19 trains with 500 to 1,000 people were initially affected. the trains stopped running at 3:00 a.m. they've been down ever since. the states -- you can't get up on the platform. really there's no need to since b.a.r.t. has announced no train service at all this morning of the we're live in west oakland, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> those pictures say it all. strong winds around the bay area causing some very dangerous situations. at least two people were killed. thousands more are waking up this morning with no electricity. ktvu's claudine wong live in oakland. you have seen a lot this morning. oakland has had a lot of damage. >> reporter: there's damage across the city. we've been driving around and seeing trees down everywhere, debris. no cleanup crews. we know they are out. but they are so busy and the list is so long. the damage used to sit in this yard but fell about 10:00 last night accordin
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